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GoQuest Roster – Season 1

Hello! Welcome to GoQuest Roster, a new podcast series by GoQuest Media, a global distributor of international series and formats.
GoQuest Roster – Season 1

Join us, as each week we bring you a new foreign drama from our exclusive catalog, and talk about our shows, the beautiful story, the intriguing characters, the complex themes and what makes the drama interesting.

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Episode 1

The first episode looks into the Ukrainian romantic drama, I’m On Your Side, which centers around Nastya, a surgeon, and Maksym, a hit man, as two individuals from different walks of life, brought together by fate under compromising circumstances as they go about from complete rejection to absolute faithfulness to one another.

Episode 2

The second episode talks about the Ukrainian crime drama, Markuss, which revolves around a schoolteacher Polina, who, after five years of her son, Markuss, disappearing, spots him in a newscast, and takes the help of a cop, Denis, to bring him back.

Episode 3

Ruby Ring is a story of two sisters, Anna and Yana, whose lives change by an accident that alters their destiny. While Anna is set to marry the love of her life, Yana is still struggling to be a TV host. A terrible car crash leaves the two sisters in a coma with disfigured faces. Yana is assumed to be Anna as she was wearing Anna’s ruby ring at the time of accident. Having recovered, Yana decides to play along with the mistaken identity to take away everything her sister has: her face, her love and her life. When doctors surrender all hopes of Anna’s recovery, she fights back from the dead, and the confrontation between the sisters begins.