Civil Servant

A young, ambitious Serbian Secret Service (BIA) agent, Lazar Stanojević is negotiating the rules of the international spy game in the modern world.

His usual routine operations start to spin out of control when two high profile murders in 24 hours reinforce to him that Serbia is entering a new period of instability.

As Lazar becomes involved with finding the killers, a hidden power play between the BIA, the Russians, the Germans, and the Americans gradually becomes apparent. This is a potent fuse for the ticking time bomb of Islamist terrorists, manipulative politicians, and over-powerful warlords. On top of this, while he’s never home, his long-suffering wife becomes suspicious of his relations with his beautiful informants.

In this vortex of tumultuous events Lazar quickly learns that all is not what it seems. He is left fighting the distrust that he now has for everything he thought to be true. He is removed from the service, his marriage is falling apart, and he faces the greatest challenge in his career: an internet entrepreneur who wishes to destroy the entire Serbian political and security systems. Despite this professional and moral crisis, his sense of duty will propel him to make life-changing decisions to save his nation, his family, and himself. Will Lazar emerge from being a servant of the state to its ultimate protector?

For the first time in its history, the workings of the Serbian Secret Service are laid bare in CIVIL SERVANT. Created by renowned Serbian director Predrag Gaga Antonijevic (Savior, Dara of Jasenovac) and starring Milan Maric (Dovlatov) the leading Serbian actor of his generation and a 2019 Berlinale European Shooting Star. 

IMDB: Drzavni sluzbenik

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Original Title : Državni Službenik
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Quality : HD
Production Year : 2019-20
Run Time : 24 x 50'
Country of Origin : Serbia
Creator Statement

I found the world of the secret service particularly interesting because the protagonists are people who guard the security of the country and their powers far exceed those of the ordinary civil servant. My heroes deal with anticipating all the dangers to the country but also work on creating a favourable environment so their actions are frequently mystified.
While writing the script, we worked with current and retired people from security agencies while keeping in mind what would do well for a TV Series on the services. Of course there are dedications to authentic events and people but everything has been done with measure. The series had to offer a sense of heightened realism while being set in recognizable, modern, geo-political circumstances. The presentation had to be more cinematic than realistic. We also wanted to make a show that would set a healthy foundation for its genre and enable further development.

Dimitrije Vojnov, Co-Creator

World Class Talent

Directed the 1998 war film Savior starring Dennis Quaid. Directed and produced Dara from Jasenovac, Serbia’s official entry for the Academy awards 2020-21 and also entered for Golden Globes for Best Foreign Picture and Best Female performance. All firsts for a Serbian film

Predrag "Gaga” Antonijević - Co-creator & Co-Producer

World Class Talent

Writer of 2018 English-language Serbian science fiction film A.I. Rising which won best film at the Belgrade Film Festival, FEST, as well as the Cineplexx Distribution Award at Vienna's "Let's CEE" Film Festival.

Dimitrije Vojnov - Co-creator, Screenwriter

World Class Talent

Awarded European Shooting Star at Berlinale (2019) Chopard Talent Award at Moscow Film Festival (2018) Played the lead in Alexei German's Dovlatov (Netflix) which won a Silver Bear at the 2018 Berlinale. Maric also plays a key role in Tony Jordan’s widely popular Serbian series BESA.

Milan Maric - Plays key protagonist Lazar

World Class Talent

Awarded European Shooting Star at Berlinale (2014) Starring role in the Sky TV/Canal+ crime series The Last Panthers (2015) written by Jack Thorne (Enola Holmes, National Treasure).

Nikola Rakocevic - Plays Lazar’s Nemesis Stefan in Season 2

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