Debt To The Sea

Season 2

Svetlana cannot live with everything that happened to her. She decides to divorce Perisa and report the accident to the police. Perisa does everything to make her see sense and not to endanger everyone’s life. Olga is torn between her parents. As they sink into problems of guilt and the consequences caused by the earlier tragedy, Olga explores the truth about the curse of “Debt to the Sea”. Torn between her parents, Lustica and Belgrade, science and legends, love for Rnjo, and passion for the Professor, Olga, together with other characters of our story, learns that Fortica hides a great secret. One stone and two necklaces will take us to that secret, as will the sea because that is the only thing that takes until it is settled.

Season 1

Perisa, a restaurant owner with a tumultuous past, lives in a beautiful Montenegro coastal village. His wife, Svetlana, disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and he is single-handedly raising their rebellious teenage daughter, Olga. She is obsessed with what happened to her mother and is also in love with her childhood sweetheart Rnjo. Against this backdrop, strangers start to arrive in the village. Archaeologists are exploring forgotten excavations on the peninsula and a traumatized stranger, Djordje, brings an unsettling wooden box that belonged to Svetlana. The villagers are suddenly made to face their tragic pasts and uncertain futures. Are the legends of the sea taking human offerings and ancient stones holding magic powers to blame for a series of tragic events, or are there darker human secrets that are the key to the villagers’ redemption?

IMDb: Dug Moru


Original Title : Dug Moru
Genre : Mystery, Thriller
IMDB Rating : 7.5
Production Year : 2019-20
Run Time : 2 Seasons- 24 X 50'
Country of Origin : Serbia

Director- Season 01

GORAN GAJIC - Legendary Serbian theatre, film and TV director


Director- Season 02

GORCIN STOJANOVIC - Winner of Special Jury Award for Best Film and Film Director for Ubistvo s predumisljajem at Sochi International Film Festival for



DRAGAN MICANOVIC - Star of numerous high profile international TV and films including Silent Witness and RocknRolla



LEON LUCEV - Winner of Best Actor at the Sarajevo Film Festival



BOJANA MALJEVIC - Multi-talented actress and producer of the series



SERGEJ TRIFUNOVIC - An award-winning actor in the role of his life



ANA LECIC - Rising star in Serbia in her first major TV series

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