Divorce in Peace

Aksel and Laura have been married for 20 years. Aksel is a whining conservative- confused, indecisive and lazy while Laura is a liberal entrepreneur, confident, ambitious, running the show at home and has decided that she’s had enough. The couple can’t find a common ground in anything that they do, and when Laura proposes they divorce, Aksel doesn’t understand why? The couple consult a therapist who devises a unique divorce plan so they can separate amicably. They must complete tasks that are meant to help them grow painlessly apart and say goodbye to their marriage and love. Notwithstanding nosy parents, rebellious children, challenges at work and exasperating friends, will Aksel and Laura finally part ways?

  • Winner of Best TV Drama at the prestigious Estonian Film and TV Awards, 2020.
  • Broadcast at 8 pm on Friday evenings, Divorce in Peace was one of the most successful programs during November and December 2019 in Estonia.
  • Season 1 programs including re-runs were seen by 40.5% of all Estonian TV viewers (a total of 487 000 viewers).
  • Starring award-winning Estonian stage and TV veterans Jan Uuspõld and Liina Vahtrik as the lead couple.
  • Written by Estonia’s most awarded screenwriter Martin Algus and directed by successful director Ergo Kuld under their banner Kassikuld OU.


IMDB: Lahutus Eesti moodi

Original Title : Lahutus Eesti moodi
Genre : Dramedy
Production Year : 2019-20
Run Time : 20 X 28'
Country of Origin : Estonia
Media Review

Although in this genre, Kassikuld's productions have always shone with vitality and naturalness, Divorce in Peace seems especially real. Former real-life couple Jan Uuspõld and Liina Vahtrik hardly had to meditate for a long time to live in their roles in order to find the right key. They both play very naturally, and they are these people - like all of us. The humor is still funny, but there are no caricaturing manners…

Katrin Pauts - Kroonika

Media Review

Screenwriter Martin Algus promises to bring both tension and drama to the audience's autumn evenings, but even more positive humor and joy.

Liisi Sell - Maaleht

Media Review

Martin Algus has received a lot of positive feedback from the Estonian audience. For example, people in a similar situation have said that the story went well for them, and they especially liked the heartfelt side where they tried to improve the relationship.

Victoria Maripuu - ERR

Media Review

As the main characters are played by one of Estonia's best actors Liina Vahtrik and one of the strongest comedians Jan Uuspõld, it is not surprising that the characters they portray are convincing and funny. The sarcastic dialogues of Aksel and Laura are the most enjoyable in the first part of the series.

Indrek Tark - Delfi

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