A Twisted tale of love turned into obsession and revenge.

Eclipse is a romantic thriller, a tale of love turning into an obsession. When a rich and successful businessman, Sergei, stumbles upon his childhood sweetheart, Svetlana, after 20 years, his obsession drives him to plot against her family to win her over. In a dramatic turn of events, Svetlana is found dead leaving her daughter, Vita behind with Sergei. Egor, Svetlana’s son who loves Sergei’s daughter, Anya, escapes to protect himself from Sergei.

Years later when Egor returns to take revenge on Sergei, he is faced with shocking realities about Vita and Anya. How will he convince Vita and Anya of Sergei’s truth? Will he risk Anya and Vita’s life to take his revenge?

Original Title : Eclipse
Genre : Romance, Thriller
Quality : HD
Production Year : 2018
Run Time : 8 x 45'
Language : Russian