Set in pre- and post-war Lviv and Wrocław, Edward Popielski (Marcin Dorocinski) is a detective inspector of extraordinary intellect and physical strength who is tormented by visions caused by epilepsy attacks, which he uses to his advantage in investigations.  He works as an officer of the law but operates outside of it.  Just like the Erinyes who most desire revenge, Popielski has no mercy in the brutal criminal world he lives in.  Erinyes is a retrospective crime series that also pictures the Borderlands and post-war Poland, showcasing the vibrant, multicultural, and beautiful lands that disappeared behind the eastern border.

Erinyes is based on the crime novels by writer Marek Krajewski and stars Marcin Dorocinski known internationally for his role as Vasily Borgov, aka The Russian in Netflix’s smash hit, The Queen’s Gambit, King Yaroslav the Wise in another Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla and as Antoni Pakulski in the BBC and Telewizja Polska co-production, Spies of Warsaw. He recently accomplished his lifelong dream of acting in a Mission Impossible movie, playing a key role in the upcoming Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part One, set to release in July 2023.

Original Title : Erynie
Genre : Crime
Production Year : 2021
Run Time : 12 X 45'
Country of Origin : Poland

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