I’m On Your Side
Married at gunpoint, will she see light through his darkness as he saves her life?

Can love change someone for good?

I’m On Your Side is a story based on the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast.

Anastasiya is a young star surgeon of the hospital whose owner Mykhailo is a white collar criminal, dependent on his faithful nephew and security chief, Maksym, for all his illegal activities. It is said that “all it takes is one bad day”. Anastasiya becomes an involuntary witness to a murder committed by Mykhailo and gets pulled in the dark world of crime. Maksym marries Anastasiya to protect her and prevent her from creating more trouble. Brought together by unfortunate circumstances, will Anastasiya be able to fall in love with Maksym and change him for good? As they make their way through immoral relationships and desire for ultimate power, every danger will bring them closer and strengthen their bond.

Original Title : I'm on Your Side
Genre : Crime, Drama, Romance
Quality : HD
Production Year : 2019
Run Time : 48 x 45'
Language : Russian