March 25, 2021

GoQuest launches Civil Servant, a new Serbian spy thriller at MIPTV 2021

‘We are proud to discover hidden gems (particularly dramas) in markets where the bigger distributors have less focus. Local production in these markets has accelerated and we are here to take those opportunities’, remarked Jimmy George, VP Sales & Acquisitions at GoQuest.

Launching at MIPTV Digital Civil Servant is a spy thriller that departs from the usual CIA, MI6 or Mossad drama series. ‘Our partners Telekom Srbija have created ambitious series that can confidently compete internationally. We are also releasing a second series from them this spring, Debt to the Sea, a dark morality tale filmed in beautiful Montenegro’ he added.

Civil Servant tells story of a young, ambitious Serbian Secret Service (BIA) agent, Lazar Stanojević, who must negotiate the rules of the international spy game in the modern world. His usual routine operations start to spin out of control when two high profile murders in 24 hours reinforce to him that Serbia is entering a new period of instability.

As Lazar becomes involved in the hunt for the killers, a hidden power play between the BIA, the Russians, the Germans, and the Americans gradually becomes apparent. This is a potent fuse for the ticking time bomb of Islamists, terrorists, manipulative politicians, and super-powerful warlords. To add to this, he’s never home and his long-suffering wife becomes suspicious of his relations with his beautiful informants.

Civil Servant is an original and authentic perspective from a region that has always been on the front lines of the power game between intelligence communities. It powerfully captures the personal and professional price of a modern nation grappling with internal conflict as well as global threats to its security. Lazar is an attractive, sexy and confrontational hero whose unwavering patriotism will drive him to make life-changing decisions, ” George described.

Regarding 2020 and how he sees 2021, the executive said: ‘2020 was a challenging year in every way. But we delivered on our promise to acquire bold, daring and outstanding dramas. In autumn we released Rats, the Czech psychological crime thriller: based on the world of the Czech-Vietnamese methamphetamine syndicates. This critically acclaimed series recently screened at the European Film Market / Berlinale and also just won the prestigious Czech Lion for Best TV Series.

George concluded: ‘As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, with its production constraints, there is a clear demand for our longer-running drama series. Buyers are feeling more confident and seem willing to take more risks. We are optimistic for 2021, selling more premium titles to new territories and meeting the growing demand for “multi-series” shows from the international OTT platforms. We also continue to develop GoQuest Media internationally, not only acquiring hidden gems from unexpected markets, but also becoming more involved in projects from an early stage. Exciting times.’

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