November 28, 2019

GoQuest Media to offer compelling Crime Drama Series’ at ATF

GoQuest Media Ventures will be presenting a lineup of gripping European drama series’ to buyers at this year’s ATF.

With its strong portfolio of crime thrillers, GoQuest Media Ventures offerings will primarily focus on binge-worthy mini-series including Paper Pusher (16 x 48’), The Policeman’s Wife (16 x 48’) and Markuss (8 x 60’).

Produced by Russia’s largest private broadcasting company NTV, Paper Pusher follows Detective Andrey Vershinin a typical pen pusher, a police archives dweller who doesn’t know how to fight or use fire weapons. His strengths are a penetrating mind, powers of observation and attention to detail. Transferred to a troublesome border town, he has to prove that he’s no pushover. Will he succeed or die trying?

The Policeman’s Wife is a provocative police drama where a perfect wife discovers that her husband is a dirty cop. At the heart of this controversial series is a seemingly frail woman Lera, who has to man up to protect her family and her police officer husband Victor, who is strong on the surface, yet rotten inside.

Continuing to strengthen the company’s collaboration with MGU, GoQuest Media will also offer the new thrilling detective series Markuss. Co-produced by TV Channel “Ukraine”, an affiliated company of Media Group Ukraine (MGU) and Latvian media company Helio Media, the TV series is the first ever Ukrainian/Latvian co-production. Written by Lera Kolegayeva and Volodymyr Skyba, Markuss is directed by Anton Azarov and based on an original idea by Igor Volkov.

Markuss unravels the tragic story of the life of lonely English teacher Polina Klochko when her son Mark is kidnapped from kindergarten. The story unfolds when five years later, in a newscast, she accidentally spots Mark in the crowd. Polina resumes the search for her son with the help of ex-police officer Denis Denisov. Whilst investigating the boy’s disappearance they discover a dangerous gang that kidnaps and sells children to adoptive parents abroad. Denisov soon faces a bigger challenge and a terrible dilemma: how can he help the woman he loves to reunite with her son if the life of his only daughter is at stake?

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