October 30, 2019

MIPCOM Spotlight: GoQuest Media Ventures

GoQuest Media Ventures has unveiled its MIPCOM line-up. If life gives you a second chance at love, how far will you go to grab it, even if it doesn’t belong to you? In Ukrainian thriller series ‘Eclipse’ (8×45’), Sergei’s onesided love turns to obsession when he meets his childhood school crush,Svetlana after twenty years. Ukrainian drama ‘Rain Flower’ (8×45’) is an adolescent tale of two step siblings who fall in deep and passionate love with each other. Will they be able to curb this irresistible feeling or will they pursue the forbidden path?

In Ukrainian thriller series ‘Ruby Ring’ (95×45’), a fatal accident disfigured the faces of two sisters and altered their destiny, putting them at a vital crossroad in their lives in conflict with each other for the perfect life. And in drama series ‘Secrets’ (95×45’), also from Ukraine, mysterious events and destiny lead two childhood lovers, Mykola and Katya to reunite and return to their homeland. Knowing Katya’s missing father could be the murderer of Mykola’s mother, will the two lovers separate?

And in Russian crime drama series ‘Paper Pusher’ (16×48’), detective Sergey Tumanov is a typical pen pusher, a police archives dweller who doesn’t know how to fight or use fire weapons. His strengths are a penetrating mind, powers of observation and attention to detail.Transferred to a troublesome border town, Tumanov’s chief Colonel Avdeev is killed on the very first day he starts work.Sergey soon finds out that the city is run by two rival clans: the Nikitins, who control the smuggling, and the Yakovlevs, involved in drug trafficking, who want to have a spineless pen pusher in Avdeev’s chair, so he won’t meddle with their criminal affairs too much. But, Tumanov is determined to clean up the town and prove that even a man like him can find a way to stop the criminals.

And in Russian crime drama ‘The Policeman’s Wife’(16×48) we see what happens when a perfect wife discovers that her husband is a dirty cop? A seemingly frail woman has to man up to protect her family and her police officer husband who is strong on the surface but rotten inside. ‘The Good Wife’ certainly comes to mind, but done the Russian way, so expect shootings, gang warfare, and dark overtones

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