Paper Pusher
Deceivingly placed in a corrupt town, will this cop survive?

A police archivist “Andrey Vershinin” replaces a strong-willed and honest chief, Colonel Avdeev, who is killed after political pressure and repeated warning to not interfere in certain criminal affairs.

He finds out the city is run by two rival clans – Nikitan and Yakovlev. They are involved in smuggling, drug trafficking and various other related crimes. Medushevsky is a lawyer who wants to become the city’s shadow.

He is involved directly or indirectly in all the criminal happenings in the town.

Vershinin was the chosen one by the politicians as they wanted a spineless paper pusher to take care of the town. In turn, Vershinin is determined to erase crime from the city with his strong side of observation and attention to details.

Original Title : Paper Pusher
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Quality : HD
Production Year : 2018
Run Time : 16 x 48'
Language : Russian