Dinner Karaoke


Dinner Karaoke

Broadcast Pattern: Weekend
Episodes: 25
Duration: 45 minutes

Three celebrity hosts go into a restaurant unannounced in their quest to search for the Dinner Karaoke star among the regular diners. The chosen diner will have to sing a karaoke song of his/her choice.

When the diner starts singing, it is not only the diner competing but the Celebrity Hosts as well as the hosts will predict how the diners will perform grading them on the 3 scales of the applause meter. The host with the most accumulated points at the end of the season will get to donate 50,000 USD to a charity that aims to feed the needy.

Every Episode, there will be a winning diner whose bill will be paid for completely.

USP of the format: A fun Dinner time format which makes KARAOKE STARS out of unassuming diners

Date September 1, 2018

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