Original Name: Eclipse

No. of episodes: 8
Duration: 45 Minutes
Licensed in: Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Russia & Macedonia

Eclipse is a romantic thriller tale of love turning into obsession. Sergei is a rich and successful businessman who can go to extreme ends to get what he desires.

When Sergei meets his childhood sweetheart, Svetlana after 20 years, his obsession drives him to plot an accident and get her husband killed and win her over. She moves in with Sergei along with her daughter, Vita while her son, Egor warns them all of Sergei’e true motives. Sergei is willing to takeover anyone’s life who comes in his way. When Svetlana finds out the truth, she flees but is found dead the next day.

Egor is very close to Anya, Sergei’s daughter from his past relationship but he has to escape and leave town to protect himself unware of Anya being pregnant at that time. While Vita finds Uncle Sergei very caring and comforting and continues to stay with him, they develop a close bond which leads to a love affair between the two.

Years later, Egor comes back to the town to take revenge from Sergei. He plans and plots with his partner to access data of Sergei’s company only to find out that Anya and Vita, both work with him.

Will he be able to convince them of Sergei’s truth?
How will he react when he finds out about his son with Anya?
Will he be able to risk Anya and Vita’s life to take his revenge?

Date June 20, 2019
Genre Romance, Thriller

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