Hell of a Trip


Hell of a Trip

Broadcast Pattern: Weekend
Episodes: 16
Duration: 45 Minutes

“Hell of a Trip” is a surprising travel show where five participants set out on a journey to three countries. They will have amazing experiences, eat exotic food and visit amazing places. With limited time and budget, each participant will plan a different day of the group’s trip. Before embarking on this journey, the contestants will discover that they are going to share this trip with a significant person from their past who left them scarred.

At the end of the stay in each country, the points will be weighed and the winning team for that country will be nominated as: The best tour guide. The final winner will receive two flight tickets to a vacation around the world and decide whether to take a trip around the world with his/her partner, or get himself/herself a pair of tickets and leave this relationship behind once and for all.

Date September 1, 2018

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