Lara’s Choice


Lara’s Choice

Licensed in Sub-Sahara Africa

Original Name: Lara’s Choice (Croatian Drama)

No of episodes: 182
Duration: 60 Minutes
Licensed in: Sub-Sahran Africa

Lara Bozic is a young and simple girl who lives and works in Split. Although an educated musician, she works as an assistant cook at a catering service. Owners of the catering service offer her work as a waitress at Zlatar family banquet. Zlatar family is an aristocratic family. At a party Lara meets Jakov Zlatar, a young, well-brought up young man from a respectable family. Jakov returned to Split after several years and his mother Nela had prepared a party in his honor. His father wants to use this opportunity to announce that Jakov is to take over the family business, but Jakov seems to be more interested in the young woman he met in the kitchen and he pretends not to be part of the family.Jakov and Lara fall in love at first sight and spend the evening together. After a passionate night in the garden, Nela catches them and expelles Lara from the Zlatar compound. Nela Zlatar is a proud woman obsessed with the image of the family and the continuation of esteemed lineage Zlatar. She is convinced that Lara approached Jakov only to enter their family and to destroy Jakov’s career as a successful captain. Jakov’s father was expected to leave on one of the cargo ships he owns, but Jakov wants to take his place on the ship and leave. Overwhelmed with love, Jakov and Lara say their good-byes just before he is to leave, and he asks Lara to wait for his return. After a secret wedding, he takes her home and asks the family to accept her. Jakov leaves and Lara remains alone trying to make it as she tries to cope with the world where all is wrong except for her moments of gazing far across the sea… and waiting for Jaša to come back to her.

Date October 14, 2018
Genre Romance

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