The Story of a Starlet


The Story of a Starlet

Original Name: Madhubala

No. of episodes: 648
Duration: 30 Minutes
Licensed in: Uganda, Kenya, Ghana , Nigeria , Indonesia


This is the story of Madhubala who was born on a film set. While working as a beautician to fund her family she encounters Bollywood superstar Rishab Kundra (RK) . The encounter eventually leads to a marriage.Madhubala encounters quite a lot of struggles post the marriage, but does eventually fall in love with RK genuinely. On the other hand, RK was pretending to love her and walks out on her. This sets the wheels for a revenge game, however eventually they do get married genuinely as RK realizes his love for Madhubala. Later she becomes the heroine opposite RK in “Ishq” a movie produced by RK. The movie ends up being a huge success and places Madhubala in the limelight. RK lashes out on Madhubala. Madhubala loses her baby thereafter due to stress inflicted by RK and family. Eventually Madhubala does give birth to a daughter who is also born on the film set and she is also named Madhubala. However, in an explosion everyone perishes including Madhubala and RK except for baby Madhubala and RK’s mother.The story then takes 20 years time leap and follows the journey of babyMadhubala. The younger Madhubala falls in love with Abhay Kapoor, a rival of RK. Madhubala loves Abhay Kapoor but on her wedding day she is tricked and ends up getting married to a look-alike of RK named Raja Kushwaha. At the end both Madhubala and Raja become actors and the promise of her mother Madhubala and father RK, continues there after by their generations and neverending love.

Date October 14, 2018
Genre Romance

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