You Are My Only Love


You Are My Only Love

Original Name: Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

No. of episodes: 446
Duration: 30 Minutes
Licensed in: Ghana

Ranveer is in love with Ishaani, the stepdaughter of a rich businessman who is the employer of Ranveer’s family. He never expects more than friendship from her and never tells Ishani his true feelings for her because he knows that she can never love him back. Ranveer is also very close to Ishani’s step-father who he considers his idol, and helps him invest in the right shares. When he asks Ranveer to find Ishani a husband, he agrees. Eventually, Ishani’s step-father, Harshad, finds a wealthy man named Chirag, who is secretly a gold digger and only wants to marry Ishani for her money. Ranveer finds this out, however no one believes him because Ranveer is only a servant. One day, Ishaani’s sister, Disha, tempted by her infatuation for Ravneet tries to seduce Ranveer but he rejects her so, advised by her grandmother, she accuses him of raping her because she doesn’t want anyone to know that she was rejected by a low class servant. Though Ishani and Harshad don’t believe Disha, it is revealed that Ranveer loves Ishaani who misunderstands his love as lust and the entire household brutally beats Ranveer, kicks him and his family out and send him to a jail temporarily.From here on, the story goes through various years and phases in  the life of Ranveer and Ishani. Will the class divide prevent her from returning his love? Will the family ever agree to their princess marrying the son of their driver?

Date October 14, 2018
Genre Drama, Romance

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