Oriental Scholar


Oriental Scholar

Licensed in Indonesia

Original Name: Oriental Scholar

No of episodes: 30

Duration: 16 Minutes

Territory: Indonesia

How many of us know about the masterminds of the Orient in history. The series consists of 30 episodes on scientists of the Muslim world, and their contributions throughout history in many areas and fields. Every episode features a scholar in narrative description on their achievements in physics, astronomy, mathematics, medicine and engineering, through short bio/stories about scientists like Ibn Sina and Ibn Battuta and Al-Razi and Al-Ghazali and Ibn Khaldun and many others. The storyline features a wealth of information on each character in a vibrant animated manner, that makes it more interesting to deliver the message to children.
Oriental Scholars is an animated educational series aiming to raise awareness towards these scientists, in a simple easy way. This series is produced in quality techniques that attractive and energetic, adopting the style of 2D POP UP / FLASH ANIMATION attached audio sound effect and music add to the work fun to watch.
Date October 14, 2018