Original Name: Rainflower

No. of episodes: 8
Duration: 45 Minutes
Licensed in: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Russia

Adapted from ‘Tree of Heaven’, a popular Korean drama series, Rainflower essays the romantic journey of Nina, a kind hearted young woman. The series is set in three timelines of her journey from high school to a lady kept in waiting for love.

When in high school, Nina’s mother remarries and returns home with her new husband and his son, Andrey who is very unsociable, odd and shy. While Nina tries to comfort Andrey, they develop a strange bond and feelings towards each other which causes problem in Nina’s existing relationship with Platon. While their parents are away, Nina’s cousin Janet is jealous of Nina’s relationship and breaks it up to seduce Platon.

Years later, Platon and Janet are married and running a successful hotel business. Nina is struggling to make ends meet, waiting for Andrey who is involved in an illegal hacking business putting his life in danger. Knowing that he might never return, he asks Platon to take care of Nina. Platon, still in love with Nina, leaves Janet after discovering of her infidelity to be with Nina.

Will Nina find love?
Will she wait for Andrey or accept Platon’s love and settle with him?
Which path will this ill-fated love story lead her….

Date June 20, 2019
Genre Drama, Romance

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