Ruby Ring


Ruby Ring

Original Name: Ruby Ring

No. of episodes: 95
Duration: 45 Minutes
Licensed in: Belarus, Russia & Middle East and North Africa

Adapted from one of Korea’s most loved TV shows, Ruby Ring is the story of the fascinating and roller-coaster relationship between two sisters, Anna and Yana, whose lives change drastically by an event that alters their destiny.

As they travel together with Anna headed to her wedding rehearsal to marry the love of her life and Yana on her way to an audition for a TV host role, their car crashes and results in a terrible accident leaving them unconscious in a coma with serious injuries and mutilated, indistinguishable faces.

Due to a coincidence, Yana was wearing Anna’s Ruby ring at the time of the accident and hence is assumed to be Anna. Having recovered, envious and ambitious Yana decides to play along with the mistaken identity and lies to take away everything her sister has: her face, the man she loves and her life. She is convinced of getting away as Anna is in a deep coma, with even the doctors surrendering all hopes of her recovery.

However, both doctors and Yana are proven wrong as Anna comes back from the dead and the confrontation between the sisters begins. While Anna is determined to regain what rightfully belongs to her, Yana fights for the happiness she has stolen from her sister.

Would they stop at the edge of the abyss without destroying each other and return their identities, love and life?

Date June 20, 2019

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