Original Name: Secrets

No. of episodes: 95
Duration: 45 Minutes
Licensed Territory: Macedonia

Katya and Mykola have known and loved each other since they were kids in their small town, with their families also deeply connected to each other.
As their love blossoms, fate has other plans as Katya’s father goes missing and Mykola’s mother is found dead, with his father being accused & punished for her murder. Mykola goes to live with his grandmother and Katya’s uncle and aunt send her to an orphanage.
Years later, Mykola returns to his home town as a police detective to investigate the truth behind his mother’s murder. Fate also brings Katya back to town as she reunites and starts living with her uncle Ivan, for a better life for her three adopted orphans.
Ivan, who is now an influential and rich businessman, owns the town’s biggest hotel, Marshal. Mykola believes Ivan was responsible for his mother’s murder, and he plans to gain his trust by living in the hotel under a fake identity and prove his crime.
Eventually, Katya and Mykola meet and fall in love again. However, Mykola’s investigation triggers a long line of unexpected revelations and hidden family secrets, testing their love and strength.

Date October 3, 2019

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