2 Seasons- 12 X 58'

Spy Thriller


In March 2004, when Estonia joins NATO and becomes a top target for the Russian intelligence, prompted by umbrage, an official at the Estonian Ministry of Defence turns into a Russian spy. Hereon begins a cat-and-mouse game between him and a determined young Estonian counterintelligence officer as they navigate the twists and turns of the action framed by challenges in both their personal lives. The stylish and thrilling six-part spy drama series is inspired by espionage scandals from Estonia’s recent history.

  • Premiered at Tallinn’s Black Nights Film Festival in November 2019
  • Showcased as part of Serial Killer’s festival program at Berlinale Film Festival 2020
  • Won Special Jury mention at Serial Killer Festival official program 2020
  • Selected to the competition program of Prix Europe 2020
  • Tambet Tuisk won Best Actor at EFTA (Estonian Film and TV Awards) 2020
  • Nominated to Best TV drama at EFTA (Estonian Film and TV Awards) 2020




6 X 55'



Nobody wants to end up as a rat for the DEA, but David’s seemingly cavalier approach to the drug trade has landed him in it. Together with his ironically angelic business partner and best friend Rene, the overconfident pair become entrenched with the Czech/Vietnamese meth syndicate while David is coerced into betraying Rene to the rogue cop, Major Jan Blažek.

With both the mafia and police after him, David is forced to team up with Blažek’s unwitting partner Petra, fresh off an extended maternity leave and eager to prove herself to her politically ambitious police officer husband.

  • Exclusive screening at Berlinale/European Film Market 2021 as part of Serial Killer Film Festival’s Session ‘Killing Stereotypes about Central & Eastern Europe’.
  • Won Best TV Series Czech Lion 2021
  • Won Best Series Czech Film Critics’ Awards 2021
  • Nominated for a Golden Eye for Best International TV Series at the 2020 Zurich International Film Festival
  • Screened at the Czech Serial Killer Festival, where RATS director Viktor Tauš received the highly prestigious Progressive Killer Award



Civil Servant


3 Seasons- 36 X 50'

Crime, Drama, Thriller


A young, ambitious Serbian Secret Service (BIA) agent, Lazar Stanojevic is negotiating the rules of the international spy game in the modern world. He quickly learns that all is not what it seems and he is left fighting the distrust that he has for everything he thought to be true. Despite this, his sense of duty still makes him take dangerous decisions to try to save his nation, his family and himself. Will Lazar emerge from being a servant of the state to its’ ultimate protector? 

For the first time, the workings of the Serbian Secret Service are laid bare in this complex spy thriller that is a thrilling departure from the usual CIA, MI6, and Mossad spy game stories. 

  • Aired at 9 pm Sunday night primetime on Superstar TV, Telekom Srbjia’s number one Pay TV channel and PINK, Serbia’s most popular free-to-air channel.
  • Viewed by 1.7 million people (20% of the Serbian population) the premiere of CIVIL SERVANT was the most-watched program in its time slot across all Serbian TV channels.
  • The average share across all audiences was 31.93% and an average reach per episode of 1.4 million.
  • For Superstar TV share of 18-49 viewership increased by an incredible 85% and reach by 45% during the life of the series.
  • Season 2 achieved an average reach of 1.343 million per episode and a 26.62% average share.



Divorce in Peace


20 X 28'



Aksel and Laura have been married for 20 years. Aksel is a whining conservative- confused, indecisive and lazy while Laura is a liberal entrepreneur, confident, ambitious, running the show at home and has decided that she’s had enough. The couple can’t find a common ground in anything that they do, and when Laura proposes they divorce, Aksel doesn’t understand why?

The couple consult a therapist who devises a unique divorce plan so they can separate amicably. They must complete tasks that are meant to help them grow painlessly apart and say goodbye to their marriage and love. Notwithstanding nosy parents, rebellious children, challenges at work and exasperating friends, will Aksel and Laura finally part ways?

  • Winner of Best TV Drama at the prestigious Estonian Film and TV Awards, 2020.
  • Broadcast at 8 pm on Friday evenings, Divorce in Peace was one of the most successful programs during November and December 2019 in Estonia.
  • Season 1 programs including re-runs were seen by 40.5% of all Estonian TV viewers (a total of 487 000 viewers).
  • Starring award-winning Estonian stage and TV veterans Jan Uuspõld and Liina Vahtrik as the lead couple.
  • Written by Estonia’s most awarded screenwriter Martin Algus and directed by successful director Ergo Kuld under their banner Kassikuld OU.


Debt To The Sea


2 Seasons- 24 X 50'

Mystery, Thriller


In a beautiful Montenegro coastal village lives Perisa, the owner of a restaurant who has a very tumultuous past. His wife, Svetlana, disappeared under mysterious circumstances and he is single-handedly raising their rebellious teenage daughter, Olga. She is obsessed with what happened to her mother and is also in love with her childhood sweetheart Rnjo. Rnjo is an outsider, raised by his grandmother after his mother tragically hung herself.

Against this backdrop, strangers start to arrive in the village. Archaeologists are exploring forgotten excavations on the peninsula and a traumatized stranger, Djordje, brings an unsettling wooden box that belonged to Svetlana. The villagers are suddenly made to face their tragic pasts and uncertain futures. Are the legends of the sea taking human offerings and ancient stones holding magic powers to blame for a series of tragic events or are there darker human secrets that are the key to the villagers’ redemption?

  • Season 1 premiere was the most-watched program in its time slot across all Serbian TV channels with an emotional response from both critics and the audience.
  • Viewed by 1.4 million people on RTS (20% of the Serbian population) achieving an average reach per episode of 1.46 million, performing strongly for the RTS 18-49 demographic with a 20% average share.
  • One of the highest performing series for a female audience (54%) for a Superstar TV series.
  • Season 2 was released on 3rd September 2021