A riveting tale of a strong-willed, relentless woman that India called Queen.

Shakthi Sheshadri was a brilliant student that dreamed of breaking free from her middle class upbringing to become a doctor or engineer.  She fantasized about prestigious universities and strictly adhered to a studious lifestyle.  Resentful of her mother—a formerly upper class woman who was forced to work as an actress upon becoming a widow—Shakthi longed for the prestige of academia.  On the eve of her high school graduation, Shakthi’s mother informed her that Shakthi must work as an actress to support the family.  She reluctantly took on her first role as a film heroine with a secret determination to return to her studies later.

In a twist of fate, Shakthi was propelled to incredible success as an actress and soon became acquainted with GMR, the reigning superstar of the time and an up-and-coming politician. He was 30 years her senior, but she found his charm, intelligence, and chivalry irresistible. Her vulnerability found solace in his company and he filled the void in her life for a father-figure and mentor. Shakti and GMR formed an inexplicable bond—one so sacred that they silently treasured forever.

Throughout the years that followed, Shakthi experienced a barrage of heartbreak, trauma, and loss—her mother died, she and GMR became estranged, she lost her one chance at marriage, as well as her fame and fortune.  In spite of all this, Shakthi maintained her perseverance of spirit and will to survive.

GMR went on to become a powerful and popular politician and drew Shakthi back into his world.  Just as her political career was beginning to take off, GMR’s sudden death pulled out the rug from under her feet and she was thrown into uncharted waters once again. This tragic event ushered in a new part of Shakthi’s political reign—the reign that would earn her the reputation as the woman that India called Queen.

Original Title : Queen
Genre : Biopic, Drama
Quality : HD
Production Year : 2019
Run Time : 11 x 50'
Language : English, Tamil