Sacrificiul is the extraordinary story of three sisters who were separated when they were children and were only reunited years later by the fortuitous connection of their children. Married into the Oprea, the Zamfir, and the Popescu families, the sisters have been brought up in different upbringings and live disparate lives. But after a secret affair that will irreversibly bring their destinies together comes to light, they can’t think of a way to make a truce for the sake of their children.

Sacrificiul is an emotional rollercoaster that narrates a story of what it means to love and sacrifice everything for love and how multiple generations in a family have to pay the price of one person’s wrongdoing.


Original Title : Sacrificiul
Genre : Drama
IMDB Rating : 5.2
Production Year : 2019-20
Run Time : 98 X 45'
Country of Origin : Romania

Maia Morgenstern is a Romanian film and stage actress, best known internationally for playing the role of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in Mel Gibson's epic biblical drama 'The Passion of the Christ.'

- Maia Morgenstern


Mihai Gruia Sandu is a Romanian actor, playwright and director, internationally known for 'The Rest Is Silence', Romania's official submission for the 2009 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

- Mihai Gruia Sandu

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