Secrets of the Grapevine

Vuk Tomovic and Vera Smiljanic meet at the Belgrade fair for the first time in twenty years after tragic circumstances forced them to go their separate ways. Vuk, who had previously worked as a daily labourer in Vera’s family vineyard in Negotino, is now the owner of one of the largest wineries in the region. He runs a successful business regularly exporting his wine abroad. Vera is a small-time wine producer and under heavy debt.

Vera presents her latest wine at the fair, ‘Teodora’, a recipe Vuk and Vera had dreamed of creating together. When his proposal to export his wine to France is turned down, Vuk turns to Vera to offer ‘Teodora’ to his distributors. They love the wine and place a big order, and hereon begins Vuk and Vera’s relationship. The couple faces obstacles at home and in business as long-hidden secrets from their past resurface. But this time they want to fight for their love, to achieve the dream they had set for themselves a long time ago. And in doing so, they must make great sacrifices for their family and accept the failed lives they have lived so far. Will a heart full of love be enough to keep them together?

  • Secrets of the Grapevine won ‘Most Viewed Series’ at the 11th International Drama and Series festival in Belgrade in October 2021.
  • The premiere of the series on Serbia’s largest IPTV platform Telekom Srbija’s mts TV was watched by 37.62% of the total TV-watching households in the country.

Secrets of the Grapevine

Original Title : Tajne vinove loze
Genre : Romance
IMDB Rating : 6.1
Production Year : 2020-2021
Run Time : 2 Seasons - 74 X 50'
Country of Origin : Serbia
Maker's Statement

There is something noble, poetic and primordial in the vine, the bunch and the origin of the wine. I wanted to have fun with rural, agricultural Serbia, and it seemed to me that this is the most beautiful and convenient way to do that because growing grapes is interesting. Shots from the series exude beautiful, rural landscapes of the border areas of Serbia around the towns of Negotino and Palić. They are adorned with a beauty that we often forget. The variety of Bagrina(grapes) was allegedly brought to the Negotin valley by the Romans about a thousand years ago. There is still that red grape from which white wine is made, with a strange, different taste. A part of the plot and secrets of the series are woven around that variety.

Dejan Karaklajić - Director and producer

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