Katya and Mykola have been friends since Mykola’s family moved to a small city called Stanov, where Katya lived with her father. Both families become deeply connected, and over time, the children fall in love with each other, purely and unconditionally, as all children do. But fate has other plans. Katya’s father goes missing, and Mykola’s mother is found dead, with his father being accused & punished for her murder. With this tragic turn of events, Katya and Mykola move their separate ways.

Years later, Mykola returns to his hometown as a police detective to investigate the truth behind his mother’s murder. He believes the wealthy and influential Ivan, Katya’s uncle and the owner of a hotel, is responsible for his mother’s death. But, while he plots to gain Ivan’s trust while staying in the hotel under a fake identity, Katya comes back in town. Will old lovers-turned-friends reunite, or will the sourness between the families keep them apart?

Original Title : Secrets
Genre : Drama, Mystery, Romance
Production Year : 2019
Run Time : 95 X 45'
Country of Origin : Ukraine

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