Sex Insta Exams

When Sasha, the most popular girl in school is all set to become the school president, a rival leaks her secret Instagram account where she uploads her naked pictures and writes sexual fantasies.

This is a coming of age story of Sasha and her peers at school. While the teens are standing in the face of critical exams that will determine their future, they also grapple with peer pressure, class bullying and social media fame. As parental expectations surmount and the students seek sexual adventures and individual freedom, they must suffer heartbreak and loss before knowing who they really are.


IMDB: Sex Insta Exams

Original Title : Sex, Insta i ZNO
Genre : Young Adult
IMDB Rating : 6.2
Production Year : 2020
Run Time : 12 X 25'
Country of Origin : Ukraine

"Sex, Insta and ZNO" is a revolutionary and at the same time experimental series that boldly crosses previously impassable boundaries. There has never been such an involvement in the verbal truth in the serial production of Ukraine. It is due to trust that the first very important contact of the viewer (listener) with the series takes place at the beginning. This digital series is at the top of the modern pyramid of TV series in Ukraine- it was given carte blanche to say as no one has said before.”

Yaroslav Pidgora-Gvyazdovsky - Ukrainian Film Critic


"In truth, I was getting ready to see the usual formulaic teenage drama. And after watching 4 episodes of the show, I want to say that this is the most original Ukrainian series that I have ever seen. Viewers will see the story of real teenagers who face misunderstanding of parents, problems with peers, bullying and fear of exams. Some episodes cause a shock reaction, without which, in my opinion, it is difficult in our time to engage the modern viewer.”

Ivanna Pashkevich - Editor - Ukrainian news & lifestyle portal

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