Still Waters

A seemingly mild-mannered Ukrainian-Estonian girl Marianne moves to a remote and unnamed bilingual town in Ida-Viru county bordering Russia with her Ukrainian mother, Maria. Their new stepfamily consists of a local Estonian school principal Riho whose son Joonas attends the same school where Maria has taken up tenure as a teacher of French.

Things go quickly south after a weekend party at Dima’s (Marianne’s classmate) house, where Marianne finds herself immediately attracted to Vadim, Dima’s older brother. They briefly make out and have a good time. But before she passes out, she manages to kiss both her stepbrother and her desk mate, Darya. The following school week sees someone hacking into Marianne’s smartphone, stealing sensitive data, and gaining live access. Soon Julia, Joonas’ girlfriend, goes missing, and someone begins blackmailing Marianne.

When the bullying begins, Marianne defends herself. She is made out of tougher wood and, with the help of her desk mate Darya and advice from her birth father, begins to fight back in search of the culprits responsible. The pressure builds as the unknown blackmailer reveals to everyone that Marianne is behind the disappearance of Julia.

IMDB: V tihom omute

Original Title : V tihom omute
Genre : Young Adult
IMDB Rating : 7.0
Production Year : 2021
Run Time : 8 X 30'
Country of Origin : Estonia
Maker's Statement

Our drama is about the difficulties of young people, about what they have to face these days. Cyberbullying, the difficulties of misunderstanding each other, problems with drugs and generally the hard life in the province. There are many instances in the story which show the social setup of the disintegrated USSR States in the minds of its people. The difference between a Ukrainian and a Russian is blurred for people, even though these ethnic groups are vastly distinct. The Estonian Joonas humiliates his stepmother and sister Marianne by calling them Russians, even though they are Ukrainians.

Jevgeni Supin - Producer

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