Season 2

It’s been a decade since Estonia has joined NATO and Alfred Vint continues to dutifully serve both masters-the Estonian Ministry of Defense and the Russian intelligence service.
But the Russians want more. Vint is instructed to keep an eye on a politician and committee head of the Estonian Internal Security Service, and this time his wife Heli must join him in the espionage. With former nemesis Marko Arrak still on his back, will Alfred Vint be revealed as the traitor?

Season 1

In March 2004, when Estonia joins NATO and becomes a top target for the Russian intelligence, prompted by umbrage, an official at the Estonian Ministry of Defence turns into a Russian spy. Hereon begins a cat-and-mouse game between him and a determined young Estonian counterintelligence officer as they navigate the twists and turns of the action framed by challenges in both their personal lives. The stylish and thrilling six-part spy drama series is inspired by espionage scandals from Estonia’s recent history.


  • Showcased at Berlinale Film Festival 2020
  • Lead actor Tambet Tuisk, won Best Actor EFTA (Estonian Film and TV Awards) 2020 for the series
  • Selected to the competition program of Prix Europa 2020


IMDB: Reetur 

Original Title : Reetur
Genre : Spy Thriller
IMDB Rating : 7.8
Production Year : 2020-2021
Run Time : 2 Seasons- 12 X 58'
Country of Origin : Estonia

Like Christopher Nolan's hit film Tenet, there is no point in letting your attention wander while watching Traitor. What makes Traitor stand out is sound. The actors can be heard surprisingly clearly and at the same time the background music created by Mick Pedaja will not be lost. Ergo Kuld, who seems to be pulling on complex and psychological material as a director, is the new Nolan - just give him more money to blow up a plane and shut down Laagna Road for the whole summer, and this man may end up being better than Nolan.

Kátrin Páuts - Ohtuleht


Decisions are not made immediately, but Vint is given space and time to consider his choices. It is always a good sign when a spy story character makes mistakes and difficult choices, so he is not a one-dimensional cartoon hero.

Toomás Sildám - ERR News


The time spent watching Traitor is well spent and flies fast. In the end, you hope that maybe the first six parts won't be the last and the next season will come.

Tuomo Yrttiáho - Helsingin Sanomat

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