Troll Farm

After being wrongly fired from a cosmetics empire she founded, a corporate diva Ana struggles to clear her name while slowly embracing the dark side of vengeance and becoming the monster she’s fighting.

With her reputation ruined and her family broken, Ana’s mind screams a single thought – destroy Melta Cosmetics and her pretentious boss Adomas Gylys. Armed with Agriculture for Dummies and extensive corporate job experience, Ana ends up running two farms. While growing apples and raising chickens work as an excellent cover, Ana’s passion lies with her secret business – Troll Farm, designed to destroy shady corporations. She designs a fake personality destined to become society’s voice of reason – Judita.

  • Troll Farm premiered on LRT (Lithuanian national television network) on Sunday primetime, January 15th, 2023, at 9 pm, with an average share of 12%.
  • Simultaneously the series was released on the streaming platform Telia Play, where the show’s premiere surpassed the viewership numbers of House of Dragon in its first week of release.
  • Troll Farm was selected among 16 other series globally to be screened at the Berlinale Series Market Selects, 2023.
  • The series first attracted attention in 2021, when it became the inaugural winner of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival’s TV Beats Forum co-financing market.
  • Troll Farm was then showcased at Content London and France’s Série Series, two of the top events for presenting in-development international TV productions.
Original Title : Troll Farm
Genre : Dramedy
IMDB Rating : 6.3
Production Year : 2023
Run Time : 5 X 50'
Country of Origin : Lithuania

Trained at the New York Film Academy and the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre; Gabija’s known for TV Mini-series Colette, une femme libre, Zero, Redirected and 2 Nights Till Morning. She played the lead role in Sasha Was Here, which was nominated for Best First Feature at Tallinn Black Nights Festival in 2018 and the Golden Duke Award at Odessa International Film Festival in 2019.

Gabija Siurbytė - Actor, Producer, Showrunner


Ernestas Jankauskas has directed over 40 award-winning commercials. His short film The Queen of England Stole My Parents won the Best Short Film award at the National Film Awards and several prizes at festivals and was the first short film distributed in Lithuanian cinema chains. His first feature film Sasha Was Here, premiered at Black Nights Film Festival/First Feature competition in Tallinn and was selected for Shanghai, Les Arcs, Odessa Film Festivals and 15 more.

Ernestas Jankaukas - Director

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