What the F***!?

We feel it is never too late to learn a new skill & if you are motivated enough, only the sky is the limit! In What the F@#$*?!, participants get a chance to surprise their family and friends in a spectacular way.

In a short period of time, participants learn something that seems impossible or unexpected from them. Once they learn the skill, they will surprise their family and friends, with a hidden camera capturing their most extraordinary moments.

What the F@#$*?! distinguishes itself from other hidden camera shows with a focus on the positive side rather than being just another prank-show, helping the participants surpass their own expectations to achieve something truly admirable!The show does not focus on making participants the best dancer, harpist or swimmer, but instead focuses on helping them surpass their own limitations, leading to hilarious, heartwarming and inspiring reactions from their loved ones!

Original Title : What the F***!?
Genre : Factual Entertainment
Run Time : 10 x 45'

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