About GoQuest Media

GoQuest Media is a leading, independent global distributor of entertainment content. We specialise in introducing captivating international dramas and innovative formats from around the world to audiences across continents.

Our forte lies in curating an experiential catalogue of high-end content designed to resonate with and entertain your audience.

Our carefully selected catalogue is the culmination of sifting through and choosing high-quality stories with an international appeal from non-traditional geographies.

We started in 2013 with the distribution of south-Asian content to regions worldwide. Having experienced considerable success in that regard, we’ve now pivoted to engrossing dramas with universally appealing storylines from across the globe.

GoQuest Media is headquartered in Mumbai, India, with additional offices in the United Kingdom and Vietnam and a local sales presence in LATAM and Turkey. As we enter into a new high-octane growth fuelled phase, expanding into new territories to source and license content, this time, our ambitions are larger, our team is stronger, and our dreams are bigger than ever.

Finding the right piece of content that matches your audience’s changing preferences is tricky and exhausting work. It’s work we thrive on.
Content may be king. But audiences are a fickle master. We help you navigate the inherent uncertainty of the entertainment business with incisive insights and superb ease. We study and strategise thousands of hours of content to select stories that will win you the exposure you’re seeking.